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History Of Fashion Acient Greek Fashion Accessories

consettdirect.info1This is the second part of the article on ancient Greek dress

Ancient Greeks had an affinity for earrings, bracelets, necklaces, brooches, and rings, made of metal and semiprecious stones. Precious metals were also used, but gold became popular only in the 6th century BC.

Jewelry evolved over time. During the Archaic period, jewelry pieces were simple and mainly functional. Such were the pins or brooches used to fasten the himation or the chiton, or the seal rings used to seal letters and important documents. By Hellenistic times goldsmiths had mastered their craft and jewelry featured an exquisite design and composition.

The sandals were the common footwear for both men and women. The Greek sandal featured several straps, which stretched between the toes to the ankle in various fashions. They were minimal, light, and left the foot almost bare. Although high heels are considered to be a 16thcentury invention, already in ancient Greece women tried to make themselves taller by attaching cork sole to the leather sole. For travel or warfare, men wore fitted shoes – ankle-high or mid-calf length -and boots that either laced up or stayed on the foot with the help of a criss-cross thong at the toe.

Hats and head-dresses
Headgear came in different shapes and styles. There were several variations of a cone-shaped hat. The bonnet was another known style. The pilos was a brimless skull cap made from felt or wool. Women wore scarves, wrapped around the head. The saccus featured a tassel at the back as well as nets or snoods to hold the hair back. The petasos was made of woven straw. It featured a brim that could be turned up or down, and could also be fastened at the neck by a ribbon.

Hair styles
Hair styles for men and women were initially similar. In the early ages men wore their hair fussy with curls forming a crown around the forehead or braids wound around the head. But styles eventually were simplified and long hair became acceptable only for the elderly male, young men or boys.

Hair styles were known by names: the kepos was unkempt, the Hectorean style involved cutting and combing the hair backward into curls, and the Theseid featured strands of hair worn short at the forehead while the rest hung down longer at the back of the neck.

Young girls let their hair fall freely. Older women wore their hair long and let it fall loose over the shoulders. They could also wear their hair parted in the middle, waved, and scraped back so as to expose the ears. Sometimes, three or four strands, or spiral curls, were sectioned from the rest of the hair and styled so they hung down over the forehead while the rest of the hair hung down loosely at the back. Bands, ribbons, diadems, or strings of pearls added sophistication to hairdos.

Beauty and grooming
Make-up was used by most women. It consisted in applying a white base color to the face, rouge to the cheekbones, and painting one’s lips. The base color was often made of lead, which could have fatal consequences, while the rouge was made from vermilion or vegetables. Women would also use eye make-up, which involved Egyptian kohl and shadows in different colors. Eyebrows were groomed and, painted black.

Perfumes were very popular, especially the essences of violet, mint, myrrh, marjoram, and thyme. The Greeks often applied different scents to different body areas.

Women conditioned their skin on a daily basis, used depilatories to remove body hair, and used different concoctions on both their face and body.

Good physical shape was important for both sexes, although only men were allowed in the palestra – a complex devoted to exercise.

Fashion Accessories Will Always Be In Demand

consettdirect.info2Fashion accessories include all those items that accentuate the personal look and style of a person. Today, fashion accessories are available in all kinds of materials and designs. Women never get tired of buying more and more accessories. Hence, they have a great demand. Read on to find out more about fashion accessories and where to get them from.

Women go to great lengths to accentuate their looks and can spend a good deal of money doing so. This is one of the main reasons why there are so many companies involved in cosmetics, garments and accessories. Women are often more conscious of fashion trends and therefore keep updated of the latest trends. Fashion accessories are one of those knick knacks that women absolutely love to flaunt. The reason is they enhance your overall appeal or can even give a new touch of style to even a bland looking dress. Fashion accessories may include everything from earrings, bracelets, anklets, rings and charms and so on.

What is great about fashion accessories is that they come in myriad kinds of designs and makes and are loved by everyone from school kids, teenagers, women to even boys and men, depending of course on the type of accessory it is. However, for the most part, they are used by girls and women who love to purchase fashion accessories for all their outfits and are often never satisfied, however large a collection they may possess. Unlike, jewellery that is precious and limited for a few special occasions, fashion accessories is suitable for everyone and for every occasion.

These accessories are available in a great variety and choosing the right accessories with the right outfit can quickly make you a trendsetter among your peers. From cute bracelets that go well with denims to the heavy, colourful, chunky bracelets, much needed for a bohemian look or shiny, elegant one for a party, there are limitless choices. Earrings are one fashion accessory that helps you get a completely new look. They are available in a great variety again, from tiny, bling earrings to glittering ones, shells or simple danglers, there are boundless options. This is the thing about fashion jewellery. There are countless accessories in myriad varieties and there are countless materials that can be used in fashion accessories. From metal to plastic, shells, glass, stones and several other materials can be used in making fashion accessories.

What makes fashion accessories so popular is that they can give very different and unique looks and you can choose the accessories that bring out your personality and enhances your looks. They reflect your personality by the way you dress up. In terms of costs, fashion accessories are quite affordable, one reason why women never seem to get enough of them. There is a great market for fashion accessories and currently, it shows no signs of abating. In fact there will only be constant growth with increased demand in the market as more and more women and teenagers are getting increasingly conscious about their looks. There are many fashion accessory manufacturers offering a superb range of fashion accessories.

The best place to look for a vast collection of fashion accessories is on the Internet. Since, the Internet provides a wide access; you can find the largest and the best collection of fashion accessories supplied by many online stores. Fashion accessories are here to stay and will only grow in popularity.

Leggings, the Most Emerging Fashion Trend of the Town

consettdirect.info3If I would be a standing voice and had the choice to put forth my words, I would definitely have chosen leggings fashion as the most emerging one in town which is the most comfortable and stylish fashion that I have ever seen and felt. With the era of emerging e-commerce portals and small retail outlets everywhere, it has become very easy to find a suitable pair of leggings. You can buy your favorite pair of leggings online or offline wherever you want and in the bulk by comparing all, you will be able to make a good decision to buy the most appropriate one.

There is no doubt that leggings entered the fashion industry long back in 1960s. But with the new variety being added each day, leggings appear now in various fabrics to serve their purpose throughout the year in different seasons. Cotton, cotton-lycra, nylon, silk, wool and many others are added on the leggings’ segment and made it a versatile piece of clothing. Knowing your preferences and purpose, choosing a suitable fabric is important for you and for that you have to dedicate certain amount of time.

Leggings are not only considered versatile because it can be worn in any season. But it has many other aspects too to offer people. Leggings are broadly divided into ankle length and churidar leggings. Ankle length leggings have begun a new era where women are much comfortably carrying tunics and their short dresses paired with ankle length leggings. Now they are bold enough to flaunt their little black dress and slim or curvy figure. On the other hands, churidar leggings are coming extremely important to enhance the getup of churidar kameez.

Churidar leggings are suitable to get paired with short or long kurtis and give a beautiful look and fitting. Traditional regular churidars, lacking elasticity and stretchable base, are not much comfortable to carry. But the arrival of such free size leggings in marketplace has strengthened women to flaunt any style they want within no time and with very little banking. Most importantly, the major factors of leggings that are making it shine in the fashion industry while leaving behind the other clothing apparels are its availability, versatility, affordability and durability.

As the factors like availability and versatility are discussed above, you should also know how affordable leggings are and it lasts for a long period of time without getting torn or fade. Thus in little time, effort and money, you can get an appearance just like your favorite style icon only through a single piece of clothing- leggings.

Aspects Of Fashion Industry – Choose Your Fashion Merchandising Colleges

Fashion industry attracts many young people nowadays not only because it is a rather new profession, but also it is supposed to realize person’s likes in the field of fashion. Besides, it is quite a high-paid profession today. When a young person decides to connect his or her activity with the fashion industry nothing comes to mind except one its aspect – fashion design. Probably, few people actually know that it’s a separate field of fashion industry. In fact, there is a great number of other professions and specialties in fashion including designing clothing, fashion design, fashion marketing, fashion merchandising, etc. The latter doesn’t get worthy attention, but it is very important. Due to merchandising we have fashionable clothes in the shops and stores.

How can one know whether fashion merchandising is the field for him to start work at? Look through the following traits of a potential fashion merchandiser and if at least one point coincides with your way of life, you have all chances to make the career in the field. Do you like to spend your weekend walking through flea markets for the latest retro fashions? Or maybe your friends want to borrow your fashionable shoes and your defiant accessories? If so, maybe you should take a walk down the fashion runway. Being a student in merchandising, you will get an opportunity to learn more about fabrics and textiles. You are also going to study the cultures and subcultures that shape the way people dress.

No doubt, in order to become a professional merchandiser, a great desire and talent for this specialty is not enough. If a person wants to get into this career and have success in it one needs to get the right education and training at first. A fashion merchandising college will be of great help for you. Once you study at a fashion merchandising college you will get an opportunity to learn all the ins and outs of the fashion industry because there one can get a practical experience and build a strong foundation necessary for further working in this field.

A student has the right to choose whether to obtain a two-year Associate in Art degree or a four-year Bachelor of Science degree in the field of fashion. It depends on the kind of a fashion merchandising college you are going to visit. Besides, you are also welcome to unite this education with classes or even a major or minor in a related specialty, for instance, fashion design or fashion marketing. Students in a fashion merchandising college learn how to manufacture, buy, promote, and sell fashion items, beginning from clothing and jewelry to cosmetics and furniture. They also learn about textiles (fabrics and the fibers used to make them).

One should choose his or her future merchandising college very thoroughly. Depending upon the fashion merchandising college you are going to attend a sort of the necessary courses in your degree course will greatly vary. The most preferable courses include subjects like accounting principles, business law, salesmanship, fashion sketching, merchandising math, merchandising, publicity and promotions, fashion development, trend-spotting, and the history of fashion. You are certain to like those subjects, besides, they will give you the fundamental knowledge of the fashion industry.

Studying at a fashion merchandising college is not like studying at any other educational establishment. Many core courses in fashion merchandising are hands-on and involve a great amount of project work. Professors tend to rely more on their life experiences than on textbooks. If you are going to become a student expect to take a lot of field trips and listen to many guest speakers. You may visit a fashion magazine or large clothing company. You might even swing by a fashion show or two.

Having the profession of a fashion merchandiser is very interesting. It involves much communication with other people. When a person gets the job of a fashion merchandiser he or she is going to spend all days long visiting various fashion shows, buying clothing and designs, speaking with designers, overseeing advertising and marketing campaigns necessary for successful selling of your products, and managing the stores within your business network. You are also expected to find yourself negotiating business agreements with manufacturers and suppliers. Besides, you are going to arrange your own store displays. The scope of your activity depends on the size of the business you have as well as on the level of practical work expected of you.

Beginning the fashion merchandising career you should always improve your skills and knowledge of fashion tendencies in the world, and the most important thing you will have to do is to perfect your ability of picking out the next big thing in fashion before anyone else does. This will guarantee your success. This ability carries the foundation of your new knowledge of past fashions and trends. It includes everything you will obtain by attending a fashion merchandising college, but further you should develop this trend adding your own good taste in clothing.

Summing up, it would be necessary to say that the career of a fashion merchandiser cooperates with many different fields of the fashion industry. That’s why if you are searching for a more interesting kind of activity, something that’s more than just designing clothes or visiting fashion shows, fashion merchandising may be your piece of cake. But be very attentive while choosing an appropriate fashion merchandising college, try to use your wisdom in this uneasy task, because it may define your future profession and even you life. You should do your research before entering the fashion merchandising college, and beforehand check whether the school or program you are going to attend is properly accredited.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/5489687

Custom Jewelry, A New Trend Of Fashion In Vogue

With the progress of computer technology and the popularity of network, custom jewelry is no longer the patent of the royal, the nobility or the rich. Ordinary people like us can achieve our dreams of custom jewelry now. Besides, Custom jewelry now is no longer simply let you choose an existing custom-made jewelry styles, but make you participate in design, you can put your ideas to writing, and optimize by designer, or you can communicate with designer directly, tell your unique ideas and the story between you and him / her, the designer analyze its artistic conception, then design you unique and not copied jewelry.

Senior custom jewelry is a dream of many women, in addition to the bright diamonds and various kinds of arts that woven with precious colored gemstones, the more hit our heart is that it can achieve all the dreams you dreamed, let they shine with eternal gemstones. In recent years, jewelry has been out of the gift, and move closer towards the life of every women. Confident females in new times are no longer to wait; they buy jewelry for themselves as presents. Hollywood actresses and famous models are fans of senior custom jewelry, they are hard to resist the fun enjoy that custom jewelry brought. Demi Moore, Naomi Campbell and Kelly Rowland love De Grisogono fine jewelry. Julianne Moore, Supermodel Eva Herzigova are often wearing high-level customized Chopard jewelry to attend various activities.

A famous athlete”s fiance once wanted to customize a dumbbell with platinum and diamond, to instead of her future husband’s old dumbbell. But it had to keep secret until the idea succeeds. Jewelry designer met the athlete’s coach in secret, to ensure the dumbbell”s correct shape and weight. Such a unique dumbbell ultimately became the best witness of love between them.

Custom jewelry can tell the stories, feelings, perhaps an anniversary, or a name remembers all through our lives, using beautiful gemstone, gold and silver to express, it”s a perfect combination.

Do you want to express the most loyal and only love? Do you want to send a unique memorial gift or use the unique “gadgets” to tell you and his / her feelings and story between yours? Then try to custom jewelry, design it yourself, design a unique jewelry, design a custom dream.

In mall jewelry counter, the salesperson is master; you can only be a passive choice. But in Custom Jewelry , you are the masters! You convey the feeling to designers, pick out your favorite materials, let them help you realize your dream, to create a completely your exclusive jewelry.

Once you choose custom jewelry, it will never happen like when you run out of mind choose from a variety of jewelry that’s unique, but it hung on the passers-B, CD of the neck, wrists, between your fingers, find treasure The joy of being suddenly without a trace; want to use jewelry to express their emotions and personality, but cannot find an exact match. When you see the finished custom jewelry, the kind of irrepressible excitement, we will let you completely understand, custom jewelry is your best choice.

If you are interested in jewelry models or earrings models, please visit our website.

Ultimate Diva Look With Fashion Accessories

Design adornments are acquired not to change your whole look but rather additionally to give you an additional edge and make your identity be all the more beguiling with the goal that you can emerge in the group. By the term embellishments, it is alluded as something which will prepare you from head to toe, which implies that in this gathering, the things which fall into are dresses, hair adornments, packs, shoe and other elegant things which will make your look all the more chic, cleaned and complex. Nonetheless, how about we first look at where you can search for design frill:

Marked stores have circulated around the web

The best thing about viral online stores is that you unquestionably get an assortment of items alongside the most recent patterns and brands which has blasted the online bazaar. In any case, before you go over any store, ensure that the brand is one of notoriety as well as concentrates just on design, with the goal that you will get the best out of the online store. In this manner the most ideal approach to shop would be to go online and you are certain to be staggered, entranced and astounded by the wide assortment which is on offer, which will make mold embellishments a simple pick, with no stress and worry.

For the girly chick

In the event that your design is more young lady like and engaging then you will unquestionably adore flower styles and it will suit you as well, truly well. Being a girly young lady is unquestionably a ladylike miracle which is essentially cherished by all and keeping in mind the end goal to improve your gentility all the more, it is certainly prudent to search for styles which are beautiful, young lady like and on this record you can extremely well welcome bows, flower outlines, clasps et cetera. Groove in your young lady like appeal and advance, as it is an uncommon component and you should take pride on it.

For the smooth class

In any case, there is another gathering of ladies who loves to brandish a specific measure of tastefulness and refinement in whatever they darn and in this record, it is crucial to select smooth design embellishments that would amplify the glitz remainder all the more and make the woman emerge as an exemplification of magnificence, polish and modernity. Ensure that you don’t pass up a great opportunity for this alluring claim which without a doubt gets all the more crazy and stylish with the coming in of new patterns, which will support the appeal and breathtaking engaging quality to a higher score and make the genuine magnificence all the all the more entrancing and beguiling.

Conscious the diva in you

In the event that you wish to stir the diva inside of you, then you will be cheerful to shop from the presumed online stores for design embellishments. Regardless, on the off chance that you have the style of the young lady nearby or you are the staggering female lethal, being a diva is something which relies on upon your state of mind, identity and individual appeal, which is judged by the way you prep yourself furthermore by the way you can deal with design in the ideal grand tastefulness, making you a definitive diva, regardless of where you go.

Hence get prepared and begin your web shopping, now!

Airline Flight Attendant Grooming And Presentation.

Before you do anything about becoming an airline Flight Attendant, recognize that the first secret of any human interaction is that first impressions count. And that the first contact that you have with an airline Flight Attendant interviewer is the evidence that they will automatically and subconsciously use to form their first impression their first impression of you.

It is a consistently proven fact that a person’s impression of you is made within seconds and that impression quickly becomes their belief. And rightly or wrongly, once made it is extremely difficult to change their new found belief of you. In fact many would say impossible during the time constraint of a Flight Attendant interview.

It is critical that any impression you make is the one that you want to make, but be critically sure that your first impression is perfect.It means that any communication that you provide to become a Flight Attendant must be appropriate.

It will mean that any phone conversation you have is polite and politically correct. It will mean that your Flight Attendant resume will be free of spelling mistakes or grammar errors and it means that your grooming will be immaculate at your Flight Attendant interviews.

Further to your grooming is presentation. This includes how you carry your self, interact and even socialize with others. There is no excuse for less than immaculate grooming and perfect presentation.

To assess your presentation, take a look at you through another’s eyes. Do you like what you see, what you hear, what you touch, and even smell, and is it appropriate or suitable in fulfilling what is needed to become a Flight Attendant?

While everyone has the democratic right to adorn, bath and clothe their bodies in a manner and style of their own, their success at becoming a Flight Attendant will be determined at how well they fit the image that the airline portrays. And when it comes to your Flight Attendant interviews less than business standard presentation is not acceptable. That means no visible tattoos, visible body piercing or outlandish hair styles.

Certainly I would applaud you for your belief of self expression, but an airline employer doesn’t care about your self expression at your Flight Attendant interview or subsequently you if it doesn’t fit their image. Like it or not, an airline employers expected presentation standard maybe in stark contrast to yours.

The reality is however, that it is the respective airline employer’s standards that count when it comes to your chances of becoming a flight attendant.

So what are the grooming and presentation standards for men attending a Flight Attendant interview?

Yes, although this article is focused on the standards for male Flight Attendants, females will still benefit from much of the information. More specific information for women can be found at the Flight Attendant Secrets .com web site.

BODY: Do not wear bracelets, show tattoos or any body piercing. Period! Be sure that your hands are appropriately manicured which includes no chewed fingernails or cracked of flaky skin. Should you need to wear make up be sure that it is not visible. A cover stick or similar is acceptable. Non greasy moisturizer is also okay.

HAIR: Do not try to make a statement with an out of ‘normal’ hairstyle. Avoid radical hair styles like the wet look, a gelled flat or blown in the wind look. Only a professionally cut and clean style is acceptable. Product use should be used sparingly if needed for minimal control to achieve a complimentary natural look.

Remember, this is an airline Flight Attendant interview.Your hair should be no longer than your collar at the back and preferably above your ears on the side. Your fringe should be above your eyebrows and out of your face. Growing out colors or “abnormal colorings” should be ‘normalized’ and side burns should be trimmed and no longer than level with your middle ear. Beards or goatees are definitely not recommended and if you do sport a moustache then it must be trimmed and no longer than the corners of your mouth.

ATTIRE: Every airline has their corporate image that is predominantly displayed through their Flight Attendants. Some are casual while others are formal. Unless you can clearly identify what it is, or know what the recommended expectation of their Flight Attendant interview dress code is, then stick to immaculate presentation with a suit and tie.

Your interview attire should preferably be a Navy Blue Suit. A Black Suit can be your second choice but no other color should be worn! Suit fashions come and go from single to double breasted and back again. Simply wear the suit fashion of the day.

Your shirt should preferably be a white long sleeve collared shirt only. A cotton polyester mix is ideal and preferably no collar buttons. Your second color choice is light blue only. Approximately 1 to 1.5 cm maximum length of your shirt cuff should show at your wrists with your suit jacket on and your arms by your side.

Your pants should provide for a business belt and this should be black leather with silver or gold buckle. No big buckles, gimmicky studs or engravings.

Ties are very individual but be sure that it complements your suit color and complexion. If in doubt seek professional help or stay moderate. A classy tie however is a class statement. It is naturally a central focus so do take the time to get it right. Stay clear of outlandish flamboyant colors or floral designs, animals and gaudy patterns. Knitted ties are best left for Grandpa. And like suits, the fashion for tie knots comes and goes from School Boy knot to Windsor. While it is acceptable to wear a School Boy knot, a Windsor knot is the preferred. It is always centered, square, even, and looks professional.

Your footwear should be black and lace up. No boots. They must be brilliantly clean with no scuffed or worn heals.Socks should be black or navy blue and knee length nylon cotton mix. Long socks avoid showing any shin skin when seated. No patterned, motive or explorer socks!

ACCESSORIES: Your wrist watch should be dress standard only. Nothing gimmicky, worn or non-business like. Finger adornment is a maximum of one ring per hand. Ring finger or dress finger only. (Females slightly different)Contacts or sight glasses can be worn but fashion sun glasses cannot. Do not wear your eyewear with a string or necklace. Do not store your sun glasses that you wear to your Flight Attendant interview on your head!

Be sure that all accessories such as mobile phones, pens or wallets in pockets are not visible or noticeable. Your Flight Attendant interview documents along with your phone, wallet and other necessities should ideally be carried in a smart leather attach or slim brief case.

Be sure your hygiene is washed and clean. This also means gentle use of deodorant and if preferred, after shave also.

Putting all this together for your Flight Attendant interview can be a challenge. However now that you know it, there really is no excuse for less than immaculate grooming and perfect presentation.

Certainly dress standards change regularly and often over time, but immaculate, conservative and stylish presentation for your airline Flight Attendant interviews never will.

Winter Wool Shawls Wraps Scarves On Sale. Cashmere Pashmina Shawls For Women.

www.scialleshawls.com Shawls were considered to be used by old women in the earlier days. They were not at all a dress or accessory for children. Nevertheless now the scenario has changed. Shawls certainly are a quite typical equipment employed by modern ladies and young girls to a sizable extent to team them with everyday clothes especially. Workplace garments, regimen wear gowns and relaxed daytoday costumes are very tedious and dull. Today, intelligent, modern women know that simple item might help perk up a tired work ensemble or produce a relaxed dress look incredibly stylish. Additionally, casual-wear shawls are building a declaration in society.

SAVITA EXPORTS under its company ELABORE presents a wide selection of such shawls which is often worn in regimen to produce a design statement with simple garments. We offer various kinds of shawls which can be used during day, evening, night according to the clothes you are wearing. These shawls have become economical in value and that is why it’s easy for every one to incorporate them in their attire. These have turn into a must have for every single one since, these it is crucial to look great and presentable at all times and at all locations, more than that; in which to stay fashion.
This Carefully crafted weave can only be attained through collection of only the most effective cotton and the skill of the individual on the loom. This is indeed a good exemplory instance of craftsmanship at its best.As well as ladies cotton scarves UK, the website will be selling a variety shawl of different scarves that change in value so hopefully we will all find something that we are able to afford. Every one of the connections on Lushscarves have someone originality to them, and as a result of sustainable handmade creation process they could change somewhat from design to design.

If you would like a casual charge, the double-layer wonderful knot is lightweight, unique, and casual. If you such as an extra comfortable for the throat, you must choose the shawls that are in the great hand-feel. This technique is employed with smaller size connections as well. To create a perfect sweet knot, it takes merely two methods. The initial phase would be to wrap the neck beginning the leading and planning to the back. Subsequently, overlap both ends in back, putting each end through the loop while you drape it across your front-side.

Gul Ahmed is well-known Pakistani textile sector which can be generally give us great shock in most period. Following the excellent winter collection, newly Gul Ahmed has presented Pashmina Scarves Collection for ladies. Pashmina cloth will utilizes primarily for the Shawls and Scarves in winter season. You’ll viewed largely straightforward shawl scarves but here you’ll find colorful and patterned scarves. Today Trend Look Globe blog has brought 100% wool fall/winter Pashmina Shawls and Scarves which are beautifully decorated with eyecatching floral, lining and abstract publishing. These Shawls are provided you an peaceful senses when you’re wandering in the backyard with cup of tea in cold winter evenings. more info

Career Opportunities in Fashion Merchandising

Art is used in way or another in almost every aspect of our lives. Whether it is home decor, furniture, advertising or fashion, it is used to appeal to certain groups of people. Ads that catch the eye, and convince people that they need to buy something are seen all over the place, in magazines, on billboards, across different types of media and all across the Internet.

Fashion is another way that art is used. In the designs of the material, the lines, curves, and accessories of the outfit, and in the colors, artistic methods are constantly used. A fashion designer always sketches his designs first, long before they are manufactured.

Fashion merchandising is a career that takes you many places. It is an exciting and beneficial career. Like any other type of employment, you need the right knowledge for Fashion Merchandising. It doesn’t just involve the manufacturing and selling of clothes, but many other aspects that you will need to learn at Fashion Design School.

When you enroll in a fashion school, you will learn how to manufacture, sell, buy and promote fashionable clothing. You will also be taught all about fabrics, textiles, and accessories. You will also learn how to choose the best, new styles to manufacture and promote by following the newest trends. You will be taught how to determine what the next trend is going to be by studying information on what people are looking for, what they need, and what they want.

As a Fashion Merchandiser, you will have many opportunities to travel. You will learn about different cultures, sub cultures and the way these people dress. You will learn about the fabrics they make and use, how these fabrics make their apparel more appealing, more durable and how it meets their needs and wants.

Enrolling and finishing a fashion design school, you will come away with a worldly knowledge about different parts of the world, and what new trends and fashions will appeal to other countries around the globe.

If you have an interest in clothing, fashions and art, this may be a good career for you. If you have an artistic talent, an eye for color, lines and details, you will do great as a fashion merchandiser.

Crocs – The Most Controversial Footwear

Perhaps, the crocs are the only footwear in the world which are less worn but more debated and discussed. Amazingly, the gossipers are the health and environment experts, not the wearers and the fashioners.

When crocs, made of Croslite, a foam resin, arrived few years back, nobody could imagine controversies and debates these brought together. The latest controversy started when the crocs got some place in the prestigious, Vogue.

However, nothing could stop these footwear from being a hit and making the users crazy, most specifically the children for the color patterns, easy to wear features and shapes and sizes galore.

Though supported by many podiatrists as being safe footwear for human feet, these have been regularly criticized by many environmentalist, health experts and by many others.

One of the popular criticisms was thrown on their ultra-softness and bulky shapes. That was true even, as many wearers, mostly children,couldn’t handle the bigger size and got injured as their crocs got stuck in escalators. As a result, much to the amazement, their soft bulky shapes were blamed

Many hospitals across Europe banned their usage on their premises citing the potential dangers for patients. Many believed that the crocs might damage the life-assisting equipments as those were capable of building static electricity around.

The crocs have always been the victim of an organized opposition by fashion critics, bloggers and media. They left no stone unturned to make them a laughing stock. Some termed them as a fashion disaster. Astonishingly, the crocs were ranked 6th on Maxim’s list of worsts last year.

However, they don’t come with negatives all the time. Many health experts have termed a special version of crocs as diabetic footwear. It happened because they found the crocs’ design helpful enough to save the feet from injuries, especially the feet of diabetes patients.

Moreover, keeping the medical approval apart, the crocs have become a footwear buzzword in the fields like golf and boating. These light-weight shoes are liked by wearers of all age-groups. These are not prone to get dirty easily, so the crocs remain bacteria free always.

Being sold millions of pairs every year, the popularity seems to touch new scales as the crocs maker are coming forward to make them more eco-friendly. They are getting better equipped to get recycled the used and abandoned crocs, so they can be used again and again minimizing the garbage.

So if you like fashion and comfort, and not debates, then jump out to the nearest footwear store and grab a pair as soon as possible. After all, there a number of things to be debated about, isn’t it?

Equator Takes On Affiliate Programme For Online Fashion Store

Internet marketing agency Equator is delighted to announce its appointment by online fashion retailer Getthelabel dot com.

Tasked with growing the current affiliate programme, Equator’s experience in online fashion with clients such as Peacocks, AllSaints and Bhs means that they have the knowledge and skill to build a strong and successful programme that will appeal to affiliates.

“The affiliate team at Equator are really excited about the Getthelabel dot com programme” says John McLeish, Equator’s Managing Director. “It’s a fantastic programme to be involved in. With clothing, footwear and accessories from top high street brands such as French Connection, Lipsy, Adidas and Converse, there’s something for everyone.

“People always want to have the top brands in their wardrobe, but this is becoming more of a luxury in the current economic climate. Getthelabel dot com means that we can have the best of both worlds as their fantastic discounts make labels more affordable.”

Liz McNamara, Marketing Director at Getthelabel dot com says “We are extremely excited to be working with Equator, they understand our brand and what we are aiming to achieve with our affiliate programme. We have no doubts that their experience in this area will see us achieving our desired results.”

Glasgow based Equator is a full-service digital agency that was founded in 1999. They currently employ 51 staff working across a number of disciplines such as Web Design, Interface Development, Application Development, Affiliate Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation,Pay per click marketing and Social Media. Equator’s client portfolio includes Peacocks, AllSaints, Scottish and Southern Energy, Ramada Jarvis, AXA UK, DFDS Seaways, HTC Europe and many more fantastic brands across a number of different industries. In order to find out more you can visit the Equator website at eqtr dot com.

Website Getthelabel dot com is a division of Topgrade Sportswear Limited which is a subsidiary of JD Sports Fashion plc. JD Sports Fashion is the UK’s leading sports fashion retailer offering premium branded and own brand product. Topgrade is a wholesaler of branded fashion and footwear with more than 20 years’ experience in the fashion and sports sector.

Getthelabel dot com is a new online fashion store and mail order catalogue which offers fashion for the for the whole family at very affordable prices. It offers clothing, footwear and accessories direct to the public from leading high street fashion and sport brands, inclduing: Nike, Adidas, Converse, Levi’s, Timberland, Reebok, Ugg Boots, Henleys, Teddy Smith, Voi Jeans, Rockport, Fred Perry, Roxy, Helly Hansen, Lacoste, Gio Goi and much more. Getthelabel dot com has hundreds of top products that are available online with hundreds of products being added each week to the website.

You can read much more about the products and brands on offer at Getthelabel dot com, as well as keep up to date with the latest news from the fashion world by reading the Getthelabel dot com blog.

The Latest Fashion for Women Is Leather Handbags

Style originators are continually considering various types of in vogue things for men and ladies. Among them, the design thing for ladies starts things out and they explore for the most part on ladies style. Among the style things, you will discover on the design of dresses, satchels, gems and adornments, hair brush sets, and so on. On the off chance that you take a gander at the women totes of various types, you will get a huge number of verities on configuration, bended outline, stoned configuration, plan on its in vogue cut, and so forth. The calfskin is the best thing for making trendy totes for ladies.

New mold propensities with cowhide

Architects dependably consider making new and inventive outlines for purses. The same totes can’t be the design thing for all seasons. Distinctive sorts of style and creative plans pull in the present business sector of in vogue packs. Among a wide range of popular packs, cowhide purses are the late patterns of design for ladies and young ladies of all ages. This is the highest design of the day. These sacks are made for the ladies with new taste and style. The purses are sophisticated to the point that a wide range of reason can be appreciated with design and style. Presently you will get distinctive sorts of beautiful calfskin packs that will coordinate with your dresses of any sort.

As ladies are sufficiently fussy of taking all things that will be all around coordinated with the a wide range of dresses. In a wide range of gatherings and festivity, planner satchels made of calfskin gives an alternate look to everyone.

Fashioner cowhide purses

Each time the fashioner totes accompany the new styles and improvement. There are a few purses which are made from the hard and thick cowhide yet amazing bended outline can be well done on it. However, these are generally cleaned, yet very outlandish in its trendy taste. The plans are not just made by the bend as it were. The outlines are likewise made by sewing of the cowhide thing.

Beautiful sacks of cowhide

The purses turn out to be very ladylike and rich in the event that it shows up before you with certain kind of shading. The satchels are constantly accessible with pre-winter shading, red, block red, chocolate shading, light pink et cetera. Once in a while, a few stones have been engraved on it to get additional fascination. However, calfskin thing can be discovered less of hues and its mixes for its fundamental fixing cowhide.

Satchels with style

The architect totes are accessible with great calfskin things. For the business form, dark and chestnut are very satisfactory. Style architects joined exemplary dark, beige keeping in mind mix, and so on. The women and young ladies are enamored with taking long and short handles as indicated by the interest of their style.

Remote design packs

Today various types of new and outlandish cowhide have been utilized for making chic calfskin satchels for women. Some of the time, the calfskin has been gathered from the crocodile, gator, snake and snakes or pythons. These are considered as the best trendy calfskin thing. New advances have been utilized to outline, improve and clean all these cowhide things. These totes are as privileged as popular and uncommon. Just the general population of high design demonstrate their style by calfskin packs.

Fashion trends men skinny jeans

Would it not be useful when you ever could purchase men skinny jeans? Some people have asked themselves that question, replied yes, after that took measures to do this. Most people by no means actually think about it dreadfully seriously, only go on to something else. The majority do not know exactly how to start, so they never do. Thinking that it might need excessive time scary other ones. Other people just see it as too low a priority to be actually worth bothering with.
At this time simply stay with me a minute! Are those explanations truly valid? Could they be persuasive? What consideration was given to the motives in favor? Did together the Pro as well as the Con side get taken under consideration? The cons were covered, but did the pluses obtain equal occasion?
Maybe we can reconsider that. Let us simply check out five situations in help of making actions to purchase skinny jeans for men and introduce these into the choice procedure.

To begin off, skinny jeans look amazing on thin guys. I hear what you are saying whenever you point out that this kind of jeans will not be for everybody because not all folks look good in these pants. Yes, that’s a very good position. But evaluate this, it is not important if it is looking fantastic on others, the only inquiry is how do you look in a pair? To top it all off, it is crucial that you think that if it’s good on you wear them.
Second, celebrities like Zac Effron and Justin Timberlake were spotted in a pair of men skinny jeans. The main reason that is right is that these jeans can make a man look even thinner. As one effect of all that is up to you to decide if youll try a pair.
Third, you will find the favored men’s clothing companies like: Levis, Lee, Gap Old Navy, American Eagle . Furthermore, is you happen to be trying to find luxury or low-cost models you don’t have to stress youll locate countless styles!
Fourth, the skinny pants are very popular right now. They’ve created a fashion pattern because they look amazing in casual situations.
And 5th, buying is never been quicker. All large merchants have this sort of jeans and you may shop online from the comfort of your personal house. Don’t get scared of internet based shopping for clothing because all shops inform you about how to measure yourself to obtain the things that will fit you.

Think about every one of those causes each in its turn, and take a look at how they have an impact on you. These motives produce a rather strong case for why you ought to buy men skinny jeans. Also when you’re buying for jeans consider what other clothing youll wear because your style needs to be complete.
Now move that around in your head for a while. Those fine reasons were sufficient to convince lots of people before you. Do they not also support you to buy men skinny jeans?